What are Jewish Genetic Diseases

You can download the list of  at www.victorcenters.orgor the   38 + diseases atIcahn.mssm.edu   and at JScreen, which screens almost 200 disease causing recessive genes, at https://jscreen.org/genetic-conditions-tested-in-expanded-panel/

Many laboratories offer genetic testing as well as pan ethnic testing. A simple blood test or saliva test using genomic sequencing, screens for 38 + known Jewish genetic diseases, depending on laboratory contracts and insurance coverage.

Pan-ethnic screening meaning all thatpopulations covering over 100 potential recessive diseases is also available.

The important facts are that if you are a carrier, you do not express the disease. However, if you are a carrier, your partner should be screened in order to ascertain that the partner does not have the same recessive mutation. Carrier couples have a 25% chance in EVERY pregnancy of having a baby with a devastating, sometimes early-onset fatal, disease.