About Genetic Testing

In the Pittsburgh area, screening for 19 Jewish genetic diseases is a medical benefit under the  UPMC Health Plan as well as the Highmark Insurance Plan. All that is needed is a prescription for the 19 Jewish panel by one’s physician.

The blood draw can be performed in your doctor’s office, at a hospital’s lab, if the hospital has a maternity program, or at a local screening site, where screenings occur a few times a year for community groups.

What If I am a Carrier?
If you are a carrier, you should have your partner screened before a pregnancy. If your partner is carrier for the same mutation, you should have genetic counseling.

Carrier couples have many choices. A genetic counselor is trained to provide up-to-date opportunities to have your healthy baby.

If you are a carrier, your siblings and relatives should be advised to be tested pre-conceptually.